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Screen halls

Filclair sreen halls, Versatile in use, excellent quality yet very inexpensive.

Screen halls are not the instant protective and covering solution everyone automatically assumes. Yet they are often used in horticulture, tree nurseries, bulb nurseries, in garden centres and such because they offer the plants protection in an inexpensive way from bright sun, rain, hail ,... mainly for the cultivation of ornamental plants that are sensitive to extreme weather conditions.

Screen halls are also perfectly suitable as a transit zone for the transport of plants or as an inexpensive expansion of the available shopping space at garden centres, for example.

The dimensions are standard modules in multiples of 3.20 m or 4 m widths and 4 m depth. Heights of 2.50 m up to 4 m are widely used. You build your screen hall completely according to your wishes available surfaces and the purpose you want to use the screen hall for.

There is also a wide variety of choices when it comes to screen cloths. Watertight is of course not possible with netting. For the top covering, a removable net is

placed that allows anticipation of the ever changing weather circumstances. The sides remain completely or partially open with fixed nets often with roll-up or slide door options.