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06 Sep 2023

The Ideal Crops for a Poly Tunnel and Glass Greenhouse: Discover What to Grow and Why

What to Grow in a Poly Tunnel and Glass Greenhouse: The Why and How

Poly tunnels and glass greenhouses are excellent options for passionate gardeners and farmers, and both offer unique advantages for cultivating various crops. Below is an indication of the best crops for each type of environment and why they are so successful. Remember that ultimately, all crops can be grown in both types of greenhouses, but this text provides an indication of which plants often thrive best in each type.

Crops for a Poly Tunnel:

  1. Tomatoes: Tomatoes thrive in poly tunnels due to their need for warmth and protection from adverse weather conditions. The poly tunnel creates a greenhouse effect that maintains the temperature, resulting in a bountiful harvest.

  2. Cucumbers: Cucumbers also do well in poly tunnels because they require warmth and protection from cold winds. The high humidity in the tunnel promotes growth and helps prevent pests.

  3. Bell Peppers: Like tomatoes and cucumbers, bell peppers need warmth to thrive. A poly tunnel provides the ideal environment to promote their growth, making them juicy and sweet.

  4. Lettuce: Lettuce is a great crop for novice gardeners and thrives in poly tunnels due to its cold resistance. Moreover, the tunnel protects lettuce from rain and hail, preserving the quality of the leaves.

Crops for a Glass Greenhouse:

  1. Citrus Fruits: Glass greenhouses provide the perfect environment for citrus trees, such as lemon, orange, and mandarin trees. These crops require ample sunlight, and the glass panels allow sufficient light to enter while retaining heat.

  2. Orchids: These delicate and graceful flowers thrive in glass greenhouses due to the constant temperature and high humidity. The greenhouse protects them from temperature fluctuations and drafts, allowing them to bloom in their optimal environment.

  3. Grapes: Glass greenhouses strike the perfect balance between warmth, light, and protection, allowing grapevines to thrive and produce flavorful fruits. The greenhouse also provides protection against birds and pests.

  4. Carnivorous Plants: These unique plants have specific growth requirements. The high humidity and warmth provided by a glass greenhouse make it an ideal place for them to grow and capture insects for nutrients.

While specific crops may thrive better in a poly tunnel or a glass greenhouse, it's important to remember that ultimately, most crops can be grown in both types of greenhouses. The choice between a poly tunnel and a glass greenhouse offers its own benefits and requirements, depending on the plant species you wish to cultivate. Consider your cultivation conditions, local climate, and the needs of your crops when making your choice. This ensures a successful and satisfying growing experience, regardless of which crops you decide to cultivate.

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