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Privacy policy

Filclair Serren Industry appreciates your interest in our website. We therefore feel it is important to inform you of our privacy policy so that you do not feel insecure when visiting our website or requesting a quote. Below you can clearly find what happens to your personal data that you provide to us.

1) Introduction

  1. This privacy policy explains how Filclair Serren Industry handles the personal data of its customers, individuals, and all other individuals who are in contact with Filclair Serren Industry (hereinafter referred to as 'you'). Personal data is any form of information that allows you to directly or indirectly identify yourself as a natural person.
  2. Filclair Serren Industry attaches great importance to the protection of your personal data and fully respects your privacy. Filclair Serren Industry therefore treats and protects your personal data in a lawful, proper and transparent manner. When processing your personal data, Filclair Serren Industry obviously complies with the law, currently the Belgian law of 8 December 1992 and, from 25 May 2018, the European Regulation no. 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on data protection (better known as 'GDPR') or any other legislative decree that amends it. More information about the protection of personal data can be obtained from the Belgian Commission for the Protection of Privacy, which has been called the Data Protection Authority since 25 May 2018.
  3. We invite you to read this statement carefully so that you know and understand Filclair Serren Industry's policy in this area, and it will be updated regularly. The most recent version of the statement is available on our website. We will inform you through the usual communication channels if important changes have been made.

2) Who is responsible for the processing?

  1. Filclair Serren Industry NV

    Textielstraat 16 8790 Waregem

    +32(0)56/71 09 49

    +32(0)56/70 46 39


    BTW: BE0406.175.721
  2. Filclair Serren Industry NV is therefore your interlocutor and is the one who is accountable to the Data Protection Authority for the processing of your personal data. Filclair Serren Industry NV determines the purposes for which your personal data are processed as well as the means used and the processing properties.
  3. Filclair Serren Industry NV may engage specialized service providers to process your personal information on behalf of Filclair Serren Industry NV and following the instructions of  Filclair Serren Industry NV in accordance with this privacy policy. Only the personal data that are strictly necessary will be passed on to these service providers.

3) Which categories of personal data Filclair Serren Industry processes?

Below is an overview of the categories of personal data that Filclair Serren Industry can process. Other data may also be processed if necessary or useful for the continuation of the contractual relationship with Filclair Serren Industry. Hereby the context is indicated in which Filclair Serren Industry obtains or processes this data.

Identity details of a candidate customer / interested person: 

Name, billing address, delivery address, fixed or mobile phone number and e-mail address.

  • This data is provided and processed by you when you request information, become a customer, make a sale or register to use the services of Filclair Serren Industry (online), for any identification or use.
  • This information comes from contacts of any kind between you and Filclair Serren Industry (meetings, events, newsletter subscriptions, social networks etc.).
  • This information is the result of choices you have made or analyses performed by Filclair Serren Industry in accordance with this statement and its legal obligations.

Filclair Serren Industry does not process any data that reveals your race or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade union membership, health or life data or sexual orientation, genetic data or biometric data.

4) For what purposes does Filclair Serren Industry process your personal data?

Filclair Serren Industry collects and processes your personal data solely for the purposes described below. Filclair Serren Industry ensures that only the necessary and relevant data is processed for a specific purpose.

  1. Filclair Serren Industry processes your data in the situations permitted by law, in particular:In specific cases, with your permission, as a result of a specific and unambiguous request, preceded by clear and comprehensible information; this permission can be withdrawn at any time in accordance with the law.
    • To comply with the legal obligations incumbent on Filclair Serren Industry
    • To make a price offer on your request
    • To answer questions related to our business activities on your request
    • To conclude a sales contract with you on your request
  2. Legal obligations
    • Filclair Serren Industry is required to comply with legislation that obliges it in specific circumstances to process your personal data in the context of its activities. These obligations may involve Filclair Serren Industry having to cooperate with the competent authorities and/or third parties, and possibly transfer certain of your personal data to them. The list of legal obligations for which Filclair Serren Industry must process your data is not exhaustive and is subject to change.
  3. Quotation requests and sales contracts relations between Filclair Serren Industry and you as (candidate) customer
    • Filclair Serren Industry sometimes has to obtain and process certain data before requesting or approving offers or sales contracts:Name, billing address, delivery address, VAT number, fixed or mobile number and e-mail address
    • We need this information to be able to:
      • Respond to your request.
      • Assist you in providing information and concluding a sales contract.
      • Follow up on a request.
  4. Justified interests of Filclair Serren Industry
    • Filclair Serren Industry also processes your data for the purpose of fulfilling its legitimate interests. In doing so, Filclair Serren Industry strives to strike the right balance between the need to process data and respect for your rights and freedoms, including the protection of privacy.
    • Personal data will be processed for, among other things:
      • Personalizing the services of Filclair Serren Industry
      • The improvement of the quality of the service provided to you
      • Evaluation and improvement of processes, including campaigns, simulations and sales, through various means such as statistical analysis, satisfaction surveys and various other search methods
      • Improvement of existing (or developing) Filclair Serren Industry products, based on surveys of Filclair Serren Industry customers, statistics, testing and feedback from customers via social networks linked to Filclair Serren Industry.
      • Supervision of the activities of Filclair Serren Industry, including the size of the turnover, number of visits to the website of Filclair Serren Industry, nature of the questions asked by customers, etc.
      • Training of our staff through the use of practice examples for illustration purposes, including the recording of certain telephone conversations
      • The use of cookies to improve the user-friendliness of visitors to its website. For more information on how cookies work and how to restrict and delete the use of cookies, please see our Cookies Policy.
      • Preservation of evidence (archives)
      • Establishing, exercising, defending and maintaining the rights of Filclair Serren Industry or any persons it represents, for example for recovery procedures or disputes

5) To whom does Filclair Serren Industry transfer your personal data?

  1. Filclair Serren Industry treats your personal data with the greatest care and shares your data only to offer you the best services in the execution of its assignment.
    • Filclair Serren Industry may transfer your data to other entities within its group context at home and abroad, in particular to the other entities within the group that assist Filclair Serren Industry in the distribution, installation, execution, management and control of its activities, including reporting, support and computer security or offering specific services and products.
    • In some cases, Filclair Serren Industry is required by law to share your information with third parties, including:
      • Judicial investigative bodies at their express request
      • Filclair Serren Industry also transfers your data to specific service providers to assist with:
        • Design and maintenance of computer equipment and internet applications
      • Your personal data may also be communicated to bailiffs or lawyers in the context of legal proceedings.
      • In the above cases, Filclair Serren Industry will ensure that third parties have only limited access to the personal data necessary to perform the required specific tasks. Filclair Serren Industry will also ensure that third parties commit themselves to use and disclose the personal data in a secure and confidential manner in accordance with Filclair Serren Industry's instructions and data protection policy.
  2. Filclair Serren Industry stores your personal data within the EEA. Therefore, no data is transferred to countries outside the EEA.

6) How long are your personal data stored?

Filclair Serren Industry will not retain your personal data longer than is necessary for the purposes for which the data was collected.

This period is linked to Filclair Serren Industry's legal and tax obligations, as well as the legal need to keep your data outside the retention period as evidence or to respond to requests for information from the competent authority, for example:

Request a quote:

  • 1 month on our website within the framework of emergency backups and passing on errors to our ERP quotation package
  • 1 year in our ERP quotation package within the framework of the validity of the quotation and correct follow-up

Contracts concluded:

  • 10 years for accounting and accounting documents
  • Unless otherwise requested, we only keep customer data in our ERP sales to be viewed by Filclair Serren Industry personnel within the framework of follow-up in after-sales, requested by the customer.

Outside these periods, your personal data will be deleted or anonymised.

7) How long are your personal data protected?

Filclair Serren Industry maintains strict standards to protect the personal data under its control against unauthorized or unlawful processing and against accidental loss, destruction or damage.

Filclair Serren Industry takes technical and organizational measures such as encryption, antivirus, firewalls, access controls, strict selection of employees and suppliers to prevent and detect inappropriate access, loss or disclosure of your personal information.

In the unlikely and unfortunate event that your personal information under the control of Filclair Serren Industry is compromised by an information security breach, Filclair Serren Industry will immediately act to identify the cause of such breach and take action through appropriate remedial measures. If necessary, Filclair Serren Industry will notify you of this incident in accordance with the applicable law.

8) What are your rights when processing your personal data?

Right of access, correction, limitation, deletion, transferability of data and objection. For the above purposes you have:

  1. A right to inspect your personal data at Filclair Serren Industry.  This means that you can ask Filclair Serren Industry if they process your personal data, for what purposes these data are processed, which categories of data are processed, and to whom they are communicated.
  2. A right of correction if you find that your personal data are incorrect or incomplete.
  3. A right of limitation if you e.g. contest the accuracy of your personal data and this for a period that allows Filclair Serren Industry to verify this.
  4. A right to erase your personal data. Once your contract with Filclair Serren Industry has ended, you may request Filclair Serren Industry to delete your personal data if this is no longer necessary for the purposes for which the personal data was collected. You also have the opportunity at any time to request the deletion of personal data processed by Filclair Serren Industry on the basis of your consent (unless Filclair Serren Industry has another legal basis for processing) or on the basis of the legitimate interest of Filclair Serren Industry (unless there are overriding compelling legitimate grounds for processing). Filclair Serren Industry may, in any event, retain such personal data as may be required for evidentiary purposes in legal proceedings.
  5. A right to transferability of data that you yourself have provided to Filclair Serren Industry if your personal data are processed on the basis of an agreement or on the basis of your consent to the sending of electronic communications and these personal data are processed using automated processes. Under this right, you may ask Filclair Serren Industry to transfer your personal data to yourself or directly to another data processing controller, to the extent technically possible for Filclair Serren Industry.
  6. You have the right to object to the processing of your data for the purposes set out in Articles IV.3 and IV.4. However, in the case of IV.3 Filclair Serren Industry may continue to process personal data if there are compelling justifiable grounds for the processing that outweigh your interests, rights and freedoms or grounds that relate to instituting, exercising or substantiating a legal claim.

You can exercise your rights by sending a written request by post or e-mail to Filclair Serren Industry - Textielstraat 16 - 8790 Waregem or yves.vanwynsberghe@filclairserren.be

  1. Right to submit a complaint

    If you have any complaints regarding the processing of your personal data, please contact us as follows:

    - By mail: FSI NV – Textielstraat 16 – 8790 Waregem

    - By e-mail: yves.vanwynsberghe@filclairserren.be of info@filclairserren.be

    - By phone: +32(0)56/ 71 09 49

    - By fax: +32(0)56/ 70 46 39
  2. You can also lodge a complaint with the Data Protection Authority, by mail at Rue de la Presse 35, 1000 Brussels, by e-mail at contact@apd-gba.be, or by telephone at +32 2 274 48 00.