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Filclair Serres: Elevating Garden Experience with Quality Greenhouses


Established in 1969, Filclair Serres Industry has become a prominent player in the high-quality segment of European greenhouse construction. The extensive range of products is exclusively manufactured in a 12,000 m2 facility in Waregem, Belgium.

In addition to traditional glass greenhouses, Filclair also offers a wide selection of polytunnels suitable for both hobby gardeners and professional growers. Particularly, the round arch tunnels with straight sides are currently in high demand due to their versatility for various applications such as garages, warehouses, storage spaces, and more. Filclair even produces its non-translucent reinforced PE-film in multiple colors for these tunnels.

Specialization Advantage

Filclair stands out as a manufacturer that develops and produces all offered greenhouse systems and options in-house, operating from its own workshop. Being one of the few specialized greenhouse manufacturers in Europe, Filclair's sole focus on the production of greenhouses and polytunnels is evident in the quality of its offerings, finishing, and supportive services. As a result of their in-house production, Filclair can provide all possible spare parts or additional components for any greenhouse delivered, even up to 40 years after purchase. Once a Filclair customer, always a Filclair customer.

Greenhouses for the Discerning Gardener

Filclair welcomes demanding customers who have high expectations. Over the years, the Research and Development department has made significant investments to meet and even exceed high standards in terms of durability, continuity, user-friendliness, and overall cost-effectiveness. So, what sets Filclair greenhouses apart?

1. Unrivaled Durability of Filclair Greenhouses

Filclair prioritizes the longevity and strength of their greenhouses to withstand any weather conditions and protect plants from external influences. All walls are pre-assembled to provide additional sturdiness, preventing any sagging and ensuring that the glass remains free of stress, even during heavy snowfall.

Unlike traditional roof trusses, Filclair opts for a trussed roof, resulting in a robust greenhouse capable of withstanding active use by hobby gardeners and any weather challenges, including rain, snow, and hail.

The water drainage system in Filclair greenhouses is constructed using aluminum profiles, providing both robustness and rust-resistance. Furthermore, the steel tubes used are also rust-resistant, as they are protected by a zinc coating, guarding against corrosion.

Filclair's true hallmark is their polytunnel greenhouses, especially those made with reinforced PE-film. This ethylene vinyl acetate film is flexible, sturdy, wear-resistant, insulating, UV- and weather-resistant, offering an average lifespan of 7 to 10 years. Even if the film gets damaged, it won't tear entirely, and customers enjoy a four-year degressive guarantee.

2. A Filclair Greenhouse is Adaptable Space

Drawing from years of experience and accumulated knowledge, Filclair has developed a system that adapts to the customer's needs rather than the other way around. Their standardized and modular system allows effortless customization to fulfill current hobby gardening requirements. By adhering to fixed dimensions, customers can extend their greenhouse as needed or add options to facilitate easier gardening.

3. Enhanced Comfort with Filclair Greenhouses

Filclair greenhouses have slightly higher roof trusses, providing a much more comfortable working environment, allowing users to move around without having to bend over constantly. Additionally, their sliding doors are extra wide, ensuring unobstructed access for wheelbarrows, large planters, and other substantial equipment.

4. Filclair Greenhouses Offer Superior Quality for Your Budget

For Filclair's aluminum greenhouses, customers have the choice between concrete foundations or aluminum foundations. The concrete foundations are specifically designed for Filclair greenhouses, ensuring a seamless and rapid installation process. Customers always receive a comprehensive total price, inclusive of the chosen foundation type.

Filclair has carefully considered every aspect to make gardening a truly enjoyable experience. Space, durability, comfort, and service – all essential elements for optimal work and enjoyment in your greenhouse – come as standard features in every Filclair greenhouse. In other words, you get more quality for your budget with Filclair.