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Professional greenhouses

Filclair Romanesque Tunnels, more gardening comfort, but still very inexpensive

Foil tunnels for professional horticulture, large cultivation surface at a limited price.

Besides garden greenhouses, conservatories and hot-houses for the hobby gardener, Filclair has also been known for its professional horticultural greenhouse solutions for many years. Our wide range in foil tunnels offers a perfect solution for every professional grower. The main benefits of foil tunnels are the large cultivation surface at a very economical price, the easy portability and simplicity in its assembly. If necessary, a foil tunnel can be dismantled completely after the growing season to make space for other crops or applications.

We differentiate between 3 categories in professional foil tunnels: Walk-way tunnels, Romanesque Tunnels and the Mono- & Multi-domed type SRK.

If you want a large, protected cultivation surface priced at less than 10 euro per m2 , the Filclair Walk-way tunnels offer the necessary solution. Their light yet sturdy frame allows for a simple and rapid assembly, making them easy to relocate. The EVA-foil (EthylVinylAcetate) we extrude ourselves and which is stretched over the frame, is supple yet very tough, wear-resistant and UV-resistant. With normal use, they easily last for 5 to 7 years.

At a ridge height of 2.5 m you can work and move with greater comfort. The Filclair Walk-way tunnels are available in widths of 5 meters or 6 meters and can be supplied with both a round and a straight side (64 cm high). Normally, there is no limitation on the length, but should always be a multiple of 2m or


The Filclair Romanesque Tunnels allow you to work across more of the width and besides the increased height, also offers a comfortable straight side of 1 m. That makes it easier to work with various horticultural machines. There are various models available, varying from 6 to 12 m wide and from 2.5 to 4.3 m high:

  • 5.20 m wide x 2.25-3 m high
  • Type GK 7 m wide x 2.50 m high
  • Type RK 7 m wide x 2.75 m high (straight sides of 1 meter)
  • Type GK 8.5 m wide x 3.20 m high
  • 12 m wide x 4.3 m hig