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Rain Shields

Filclair Rain Shields, Cost effective and rapidly recovered investment used in the cultivation of small fruits.

A rain shield is a type of cover that is mainly used in professional horticulture for the cultivation of soft fruit shrubs such as raspberries, blackberries, red and blueberries, cherrys and strawberries. Soft fruit cultivation is after all very sensitive to weather conditions. A hailstorm at the wrong moment could wipe out the entire harvest.

But growing conditions are also a lot easier to control under a rain shield. This way you can regulate the irrigation a lot more uniformlyspraying may be limited because the crop protection product doesn't get washed off and the fertilizers can also be administered more closely dosed. The cultivation of berries under a rain shield also gains more and more interest, not only because the yield is higher, but also because the cultivation itself can take place a lot more environmentally friendly. (less spraying and less fertilizers)

This makes a rain shield an investment for the professional soft fruit grower which is profitable very quickly and pays for itself in no time.

As with the Filclair screen halls, there are a series of standard dimensions for the Filclair Rain Hoods that are produced completely tailored to your terrain and requirements. If required you can also mount them on the already existing wooden posts as you use for the bird nets, provided they are equipped with our special